Fuel Oil Pricing Plans

Fuel oil pricing plans and propane pricing plansFirst Fuel & Propane
Fuel Oil Pricing Plans

At First Fuel & Propane we offer two fuel oil pricing plans, the Pre-Pay Plan and the Flex Budget Plan. The plan you chose will depend on your own individual needs. We will work with you to develop a cost-efficient plan to heat your home and power appliances.

What Are the Benefits of A Pricing Plan?

  • Heating bills that are lower and more predictable
  • Convenient, simplified budgeting
  • A reduced financial burden during colder months

Which Pricing Plan Should I Choose?

Review the details of the plans below and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Flex Pre-Pay Plan

Make a one time payment based on the current cash price and your annual usage. You will receive a ten cent per gallon discount off of the cash price the day of delivery. This is not a locked in price and will fluctuate with the market but guarantees you a ten cent discount. To learn more about our Pre-Pay Plan:

Call 518.828.8700

Flex Budget Plan

This program allows you to make manageable month budget payments based on an average of your previous usage and the current cash price. Payments will be due on the 10th of every month.

Our budgets start in May and ends in April. This is not a locked in price and will fluctuate with the market. To learn more about our Flex Budget Plan: Call 518.828.8700

Sign up with one of our heating oil pricing plans and control your heating costs.

As your local fuel oil provider, we want you to choose the plan that will give you the best price. Call us today and we’ll help you choose the right plan for you. We serve heating oil customers throughout Columbia County. Start saving now!

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