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First Fuel & Propane offers the best propane delivery service in Catskill, NY! We have been serving customers in this area since 1993, and in turn have gained a tremendous amount of customer loyalty. Our fuel and propane company provides quick delivery and 24-hour emergency service. Don’t get stuck in a cold home this winter season. Call First Fuel & Propane at 518 828 8700 to get your propane and heating oil in Catskill, NY today!
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Getting Propane For Your Home In Catskill, NY is Easy

It is easy for anyone in Catskill, NY to get propane for their home. Many of our loyal customers have switched to propane because it is one of the most efficient fuels and it is very eco-friendly. Propane can be used for a variety of things, such as heating their homes, heating water, cooking, drying clothes, pool heating, barbecuing, lighting, and fueling their gas fireplaces and generators. Let us help you switch your current water heater, heating system, dryer and range to an eco-friendly and efficient propane version. Start saving money with First Fuel & Propane today!

Propane Works For Small Businesses

Businesses, contractors, and builders regularly make the switch to First Fuel & Propane. Our loyal builders and contractors use Propane to dry corn, power farm equipment, run a forklift and more! We always have 500 and 1000 gallon tanks available for customers needing propane near Catskill, NY. We offer on-time delivery and installation in a very timely manner. Our quick turnaround time and fast service will have you completing your project in no time at all. New customers will also have access to our promotional “first fill” price!

About Our Smart Tanks

The Smart Tanks at First Fuel & Propane are available for propane customers in Catskill, NY. They will wirelessly connect to our networks to alert us when your tanks are too low. We will then quickly schedule a delivery so that you do not run out of fuel. We are able to add this technology to many already existing tanks. We have set up Smart Tanks very quickly for our loyal customers. Get your Smart Tank installed from First Fuel & Propane!

We Deliver Heating Oil and Propane To You

Customers near Catskill, NY can conveniently have propane quickly delivered right to their door! Our automatic delivery service will keep customers worry-free. We monitor your fuel  usage and will ensure that each delivery is on time before you run out. A quick turnaround time and fast service come at no extra charge! Try First Fuel & Propane’s fast and reliable heating oil and propane delivery service!

Our Payment Plans for Propane

We offer easy budget and pre-payment plans for customers in Catskill, NY. Our staff can help you set up manageable payments based on your annual fuel usage. This will allow you to spread the seasonal cost of heating or cooling your home throughout the entire year. It is very quick and easy to set up a payment plan for Propane. Fill out our easy online form to start the ordering process today!

Get Your Propane in Catskill, NY from First Fuel and Propane

First Fuel & Propane is the best place to get propane. We provide outstanding customer service, a fast service, and a quick turnaround time for customers in Catskill, NY needing propane. Our company has years of experience and can put new equipment into your home, if needed. We love to create loyal customers with our top-notch propane products. Don’t get caught with no fuel for your grill or fireplace. Set up your account with First Fuel & Propane today!

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