Fall is here. For farmers that means that it’s time to reap what you’ve sown. Autumn is the season to harvest the crops and prepare the animals for winter. There are many tools and techniques to help with planting and seeding, weeding and feeding. One tool you may not have considered is propane. Using propane for farming can help you have a fruitful year.

Propane for farming?

Below we outline eight useful ways that propane gas can improve the health of your land, farm animals and plants, and improve your bottom line.

1. Crop Drying

One of the biggest uses for propane in the U.S. is crop drying. Whether you grow corn, wheat, soy or any other crop that requires drying, propane should be your first choice. It is reliable, effective and efficient. Learn more about how propane can help farmers reduce drying costs and improve yield.

2. Livestock Heaters

With winter comes freezing temperatures. Keeping livestock safe and warm through bitterly cold temperatures can be challenging. Consider using propane heaters in farm buildings. The most popular use of propane for livestock is chicken farming. Baby chicks are sensitive to low temperatures and portable propane heaters are an effective solution.

3. Water Heaters

Chickens aren’t the only beneficiaries of propane heat. Propane water heaters provide a cheap and reliable source of warm water. Dairy farmers then use it to clean and disinfect dairy equipment and milking parlors.

4. Flame Tilling

Torching weeds with propane is a less well-known yet effective weed control for farmers. Unlike using toxic pesticides, this is an organic method of killing weeds. In addition, it breaks down plant material, making the soil even more rich and healthy.

5. Irrigation Pumps

Propane irrigation pumps are ideal in areas without a convenient source of electricity. Less expensive than gasoline irrigation pumps, propane pumps also have larger fuel storage capacity. Therefore, a propane pump can run longer and will need filling less often.

6. Backup Generators

Backup generators are also important to farmers. They help keep animals safe and warm and help keep produce fresh. Propane powered generators are cheaper to run per gallon than diesel powered generators. They also require less maintenance.

7. Forklifts

Propane powered forklifts can be used to move produce on and off trucks, lift and load heavy boxes, and transport fencing materials, animal feed and hay bales. Unlike gasoline and diesel, propane provides a clean energy source for power forklifts.

8. Cooking Stoves

Finally, a propane stove is cheaper to use and easier to cook with than an electric or wood stove. Many farms use propane to can food, bake pastries, and roast or dry produce.

What is the next step?

At First Fuel and Propane we provide propane to farms throughout New York State. We have experience installing propane systems in a variety of agricultural applications. Let us provide you with a free quote for installation of a new propane system for your farm. It’s easy. Give us a call today at (518) 828-8700.

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