family in front of a houseSummer is officially here! As you prep for trips to the lake and evening barbecues, the next heating season is probably the last thing in on your mind. But what if we told you NOW is the smartest time to start thinking about your winter heating oil or propane costs? Enter, the Pricing Plan: the savvy homeowner’s best tool to keep heating fuel bills manageable.

Signing up for our Propane and Fuel Oil Pricing plans means more heating bills that are lower and more predicable. This will make your budgeting simpler and more convenient.

Which Pricing Plan Should I Choose?

Most heating oil and propane providers have open enrollment for pricing plans in the spring. When homeowners sign up before winter’s first chill, they take advantage of lower preseason rates and can spread their annual costs evenly throughout the year. Pricing plans are built for flexibility, which is why you have several options to choose from:

Heating Oil Pricing Plans

  • Heating Oil Flex Pre-Pay Plan
    Pay for your heating oil for the season in one payment, based on the current cash price and your annual usage. Plus, you get a 10₵ per gallon discount on the cash price of the day of delivery. This is not a locked price and will fluctuate with the market, but guarantees you a 10₵ discount every time.
  • Heating Oil Flex Budget Plan
    Make manageable monthly payments based on the average of your previous usage and the current cash price. Monthly payments are due on the 10th of every month. Flex Budget Plans run from May to April each year.
  • Learn more about our Heating Oil Pricing Plans.

Propane Pricing Plans

  • Propane Pre-Pay Plan
    Buy your propane for the season in advance at a fixed price and make a one-time payment. No matter how the market changes as the winter goes on, you pay this fixed price. A 500-gallon minimum purchase is required.
  • Propane Flex Budget Plan
    Make monthly payments for your propane from May to April. Your low monthly payment is calculated based on the current cash price for propane and your usage history.
  • Learn more about our Propane Pricing Plans.

Choose First Fuel & Propane to make heating your home in New York as simple as possible. Contact us to sign up for the plan of your choice, or view our propane delivery and fuel oil delivery service areas online.

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